New England PVA is constantly working to inform the public about issues impacting the lives of its members and other persons with disabilities through various activities.

Through New England PVA’s “What’s It Like” Program, members volunteer to go to schools and provide information and awareness training to school children. The program is growing every year and is a very rewarding activity. See the “What’s It Like” Program for a narrative experience of the program from a past school visit and contact information.

New England PVA participates in the Patient and Family Education Program at the Brockton and West Roxbury, Massachusetts, Department of Veterans Affairs’ Medical Center, (VAMCs). The program consists of educational workshops, demonstrations, and films about spinal cord injury.

New England PVA members also participate in other local organizations’ awareness events and expos throughout New England.

New England PVA members are also available to participate in college research projects, speeches, interviews, and appearances for radio and television.

For more information please contact our Chapter office at 800-660-1181 or via email.