As an organization of wheelchair users, New England PVA strongly believes in supporting research to find a cure for spinal cord injuries and dysfunction. New England PVA supports research in two ways, nationally and locally.

New England PVA donates each year to the Yale University Center for Neuroscience and Regeneration Research. New England PVA also makes an annual contribution to the Paralyzed Veterans of America Spinal Cord Research Foundation (SCRF).

SCRF is working on groundbreaking research to find a cure for paralysis. They also work on emerging therapeutics to help people with spinal cord injury or disease enjoy their lives to the fullest. Some of the areas which SCRF funds grants for are:

  • Laboratory research in the evolving sciences to find a cure for spinal cord injury and disease.
  • Design and development of new and improved prosthetics and assistive devices for people with spinal cord injuries or dysfunction.

Locally, New England PVA supports seminars, conferences, and symposiums that provide opportunities for health care providers to network within the SCI community to learn and share best practices for treating and caring for those with spinal cord injuries or dysfunction.

New England PVA is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, and receives no funding from any state federal or VA organization. If you wish to make a donation to New England PVA to help find a cure for paralysis please see our Ways to Give.